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Можно ли удалить safari ios 10

Можно ли удалить safari ios 10

I’m going to share with you request desktop sites for Safari and request desktop sites for Chrome on iOS iPhone and iPad. Apple making changes in safari settings and design, in the latest iOS update in Apple Changed the Options to Request Desktop View in Safari on iPhone and iPad Running in iOS . 25/07/ · In iOS 10, Apple plans to make some changes to the way videos are handled, putting a stop to irritating autoplay videos and offering improvements to animated neisav.преображенскийдом.рф: Juli Clover. 18/09/ · How to Remove Website Data from Safari in iOS. This wikiHow teaches you to clear the browsing data and history from Safari. You can delete website data specifically, or you can wipe your iPhone's or iPad's history and other website data Просмотры: тыс. In older versions of Safari for iPhone (iOS 7 and 8), you would have to tap in the URL bar, pull the webpage down to view some hidden options, then tap on "Request Desktop Site" to exit the mobile version and see the whole neisav.преображенскийдом.рф: Justin Meyers. 31/03/ · In Safari, I could not get a blinking cursor on the few web pages I visited. The entire word is highlighted and as I drag my finger across the page, each word is highlighted individually. Without being able to get a blinking cursor, I was unable to select all.

This feature has absolutely nothing to do with the actual. I guess we would need a shorter term than "soundless autoplaying looping inline video".

How to Delete Specific Safari History on Mac

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Send us an email b. Anonymous form close x. In iOS 10, Apple plans to make some changes to the way videos are handled, putting a stop to irritating autoplay videos and offering improvements to animated GIFs. The changes will come in the form of updated policies for "video" elements, as outlined today by Apple software engineer Jer Noble on the Webkit blog As iOS 8 and iOS 9 users know, an animated GIF encoded using "video" tags requires users to tap on the GIF to play it as a video would play, creating a frustrating user experience.

In iOS 10, the user experience is being simplified.

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Going forward, Webkit will allow videos with no audio element or a muted audio element to honor autoplay attributes, so GIFs and videos in this format will no longer require a tap to play automatically. Videos that use the "video playsinline" element will also be able to play inline without the need to enter fullscreen mode.

Можно ли удалить safari ios 10

At the same time, videos that do have an audio element will be automatically paused and will require a user gesture to play, cutting down on irritating advertisements and other spam-type videos. Autoplay video elements will play only when on screen and will pause whenever they are not visible, which will help to preserve battery life.

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GIFs that use the video element have smaller file sizes and thus use less bandwidth and less energy, making them an appealing alternative to the GIF format. The full Webkit video policies and use case examples are available through the Webkit blog post.

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The changes to Safari will be implemented as part of iOS 10, currently available to developers and public beta testers. Tag: Safari. Top Rated Comments View all.

Можно ли удалить safari ios 10

Thank you! No javascript and HTML5 workarounds.

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  • Michael Goff. Blatantly so.

    How to Delete Specific History from Safari on Mac

    And until I read the comments, this article was making no sense at all to me because of it. My browser is set up very defensively to avoid annoyances and malware. ClickToPlugin has the not-so-well-know option that makes YouTube and others play in QuickTime instead of their clunky web player.

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  • I can resize videos, play in proper OS X fullscreen mode, skip around without losing loading progress, reduce CPU usage drastically, and easily save to disk. And there are no ads :D.

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    Можно ли удалить safari ios 10

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